Monday, September 19, 2011

The Special Passenger on the Mail Boat to Isle au Haut, Maine

If the mail boat could talk it would tell you of the time Al tried to coax
his new cow down the prickly ramp and onto the boat to take her to his home
on Isle au Haut.   Why not a cow when so many sheep and other critters had
taken the boat ride to the island?  But the cow pulled loose from Al's hold
and ran down Stonington's Main Street in protest. 
Today, however, under the kind watch of the boat's Captain Josh, it's a little dachshund, quivering
with fear as she travels bravely alone to be reunited with her family.  She's eager to get her sea legs on firm ground. There is also another kind passenger on the boat. She comforts the soft furred, quivering little puppy until soothed the puppy rests her head on the lap of her new friend. Finally, reaching the town landing in Isle au Haut a great reunion occurs with much tail wagging and happiness. Her familiar family is there to greet her.
What more great adventures will be had by this little dachshund? And, who will befriend her in her travels?

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