Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Harvest-Ripeness and Bounty in Maine

The King Berry...the first raspberry to ripen on the branch is the sweetest of the fall ripening fruit.
 Apples of all sorts are coming into season. The first cider is being pressed right now...tart and wet. The fresh pressed cider will sweeten as the season progresses and apples mature.
 Peaches are grown in Maine....did you know that?
 My fall garden glows in the afternoon sun.
Rosa rugosa....the Oakland House rose hips are really plump and juicy and sweet this season. They are used in making jelly and can be dried for tea.

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  1. The farmer’s markets are offering the bounty of the fall harvest. The gardens are resplendent with the golden blooms of the season and the spent flowers of spring are turning to the fruit of fall. It’s all so plentiful here on the coast of Maine.