Monday, January 20, 2014

After Our 5th Stay at Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea

"Oh terrible day, we must leave again. Go back to work and stop gazing out to sea, at least for another year....But no matter where we wander and what discoveries we make all over the land from Blue Hill down to Stonington, this place is always the best.....All of this, I take with me for a suitcase of memories that I can open when needed until next year, to fill up again."

Exerpted from a note from a past guest...

"We found this place on the internet after 2 mo. of searching. Time well spent. Having never been here before, it amazes us as to the unlimited things to see and do from this site as a base!...A 1 of a kind opportunity I hope we can experience many more times!

View clearing at Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea

We are about to distance ourselves from last week's "January thaw." Most snow melted and now we're headed into another serious downward chill cycle. In the office, we're starting to dream of spring. So are others...reservations are coming in for 2014.
Above are photos of the "view clearing" we did last fall in preparation for the Grindstone and Flagstaff "porch sitters" this summer.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Portland Harbor Lighthouse

Lighthouses-Part 1

Portland Harbor Lighthouse Jim and I stopped by one beautiful spring day and I took a series of still photos. Later, I composited them into this dreamy video. If you get the chance and the weather is nice...stop by.