Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful any time of year.

There is not a time of the year when it isn’t beautiful here. I live here year round. While I rent cottages to vacationers from late May to mid-October it is lovely in the winter too. See the photo I took at Herricks Landing last winter.
Sally Littlefield


  1. I have to say, spending last winter at the Oakland House was a magical experience for this Louisiana girl. Living in Lone Pine Cottage as caretaker exposed me to the beauty of falling snow, waves on the shore,and the shocking crystalline magic of sunlight on the ice. Thank you for making a dream come true!

  2. True! Winter is amazing there! We stayed over the Christmas time at LonePine Cottage and enjoyed every minute of it! xo to the innkeeper-ess. Ania

  3. Past guests have called to see if I'm going to rent Lone Pine Cottage this winter. Regretfully not. Coping with the winter storms last year was a challenge that required constant attention...much plowing and sanding of roads. I would hate to have to tell someone who was planning their yearly vacation here that they couldn't make it into the cottage and there was no electricity. I will be here. If you have a four wheel drive you might be able to get to one of my dinner parties on one of the deepest, darkest winter nights.